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    • Introduction of District Office

      The antique time, is called administration of organization the sbkan native village, 1950 on November 18 the Taiwan Province government passed the mountainous region administrative machinery adjustment measure, the mountainous region administration abrogates from She-Feng command headquarters, changes supposes the mountainous region office to take over, the mountainous region administration service separately sponsors and the mutual connection by the mountainous region office and the related branch bureau , turns round coordinates various counties municipal government in 1,961 in July to organize the regulations adjustment, abolishes the mountainous region room to change the mountainous region class, subordinates to the civil administration bureau, therefore the mountainous region organization reduces to three levels of units by two levels.

       The township geographical unit of government original address supposes Leshui the village, because the transportation is inconvenient, every time meets the typhoon torrential rain transportation is the severance, sends the government worker to go to work not normally, inhabitant transact official business extremely feels inconveniently, the administrative efficiency promotes with difficulty, therefore proposes the delegates' conference in 1975 passed the migration township geographical unit of government to Lunpi village document, and reports the country government to agree the nucleus appropriates special funds constructs, has been through repeatedly two years construction, finally 66 years on November 24 moves Lunpi village, and for newly supposes the township to govern the center, other institutions or the unit also one after another move nearby the address, from becomes a complete autonomous administrative center.


      Introduction of District Office

      Township politics synopsis


      Township politics synopsis

      Position, Area

        This village is situated Southwest of the Yilan Country, east the neighbour Yuan San country, the San Hsing township, northwest meet the Taoyuan country Fu Hsing township, the Xinzhu Country Chien Shih township, south with the Nan'ao township and the Taichung country Ho Ping township for, north meets Taipei country Ukraine to come the township, is one lowers by the southwest to the southeast the long mountainous region region. Within the boundaries the main river and its gathering water are also flows to by the southwest the East to pour into the Pacific Ocean, the countryman various villages lives scatteredly the Lan Yang brook, mountainside of, a place and silting alluviation the Luo Tung both banks flats.

      The entire township total area is 768, square kilometer, the agriculture occupies 162, 98 hectares, constructs approximately is 34 hectares, other lands (tomb, primitive state-owned forest land, mixed) approximately are 470, 5080 hectares, the above is the original resident to retain the place. Except the above land outside, still had east Taiwan Province Forest Affairs bureau Luo Tung the forest region administrative office and the Executive Yuan recalls the service officers and soldiers auxiliary committee to manage the management state-owned grounds.



      This village was situated northeast this province, for many years the climate approximately with the north area with for the subtropics, because the terrain height and the position is different, the climate thus had differently. Mountain climate colder in winte , Tai Ping and Nan Shan the mountainous area one, February under the frost and snow, may divide into climates of every year the three kind of types according to the temperature characteristic, approaches Lung Pi of the flat land villages and towns , Sung Luo, Fu Hsieng, Han Hse village and so on, whole year the average temperature is about 22℃, the Ho Ping, the Mao An, the Szu Chi, and Nan Shan are about terrain higher whole year average temperature 18 C, the Ying Shih, Le Shui, the Tu Chang ( namely Len Tse village, Chih Lan region ) about whole year average temperature 20 C. In rainfall part, because in the area the climate is mostly the same except for minor differences, the rainfall also does not have the really big difference, demonstrated based on the Yilan astronomical and meterological observation station material, the annual mean rainfall is 3,103 male thousandths of a Yuan, every year from August for falls the rainy season, the rainfall amount to November surpasses the whole year one above the half, from December to next year July each month also when has rains, especially four to June for plum rainy season. But rainfall most Gao in May of the Wei every year has 20.7 days, demonstrated the whole year is the moist area, odd-numbered days the rainfall amount highest once had 355, six male thousandths of a Yuan record. The water evaporates the part, the annual mean transpiration rate 1043.6 male of a Yuan, accounts for annual mean rainfall 34%, is bigger than the rainfall amount besides July transpiration rate, -odd all rainfall amount is bigger than the transpiration rate.

      Soil texture:

      The soil texture may differentiate is three big types, the flats part forms the loam for upstream of various branches river system silting alluviation, distributes to the Lung Pi, Song Luo, paddy rice of cultivation area the Fu Hsieng, the Le Shui. Next for the yellow loam and the stony soil, belongs to the Lung Pi, Song Luo, revives hillsides of place two range, the soil texture sticks, the penetrability hardly is bad, is suitable for to plant shallow-rottedness, the drought resistance often the green bush, like tea tree, plum, sweet orange and so on. The Ying Shih, the Le Shui of our village down to the Szu Chi, Nan Shan the region belongs sand-soil, the soil texture soft fertile, attracts the water power to be strong, is suitable the planter short-term crops, like high and cold vegetables crop rotation and so on. According to Nan Shan the area temperature, the humidity factor, fruit tree of like peach, the pear the still permissible planter high economic value and so on, pities because the rainy season too long, is easy to cause the fruit prematurely dropped fruit or the dehiscent fruit, has the influence quality, therefore not suitably promotes.

      Transportation network:

       The native village road system, according the road function, differentiates for the association outside in of the path and the township the path two kinds, outside the association the path for leads to each important villages, towns and cities (life circle) and villages and towns of the his country, in the township the path or holds outside the union bleed-off taxiway of for the village and the village the path, separately explains it:


      Outside the association the path counts four lines

       Provincial roads No.7:By suitable Lanchow beginning way through Lung Pi, Song Luo, Ying Shih village, and from Yingshih village Pai Tao cases bridges and seven A line skip road straight toward Taoyung Fu Hsing township after toward seven B line, Tahsi town end point, entire journey 83.5 kilometers.
      Taiwan seven A line:The Pei Tao bridge through Chih Lan, Tai Ping, the Szu Chi, Nan Shan from Ying Shih village, continue toward the Taichung country Ho Ping township, the span 45.1 kilometers.


      Taiwan Seven C line:By this village in Taiwan Seven line, Niu Tou skip road, follows the Niu Tou bridge connection after the Fu Hsing village, foundation of country San Shing township, the Luo Dong town the difference neighbor to Wu Chieh township advantage Ze Jan (Dong Shan river) to link up Taiwan three line(north the Binhai road), span 32.6 kilometers.


      I-lan 33 line path(township): Leaves road of the beginning of Dong Shan country, the Luo Dong town and of of the Shan Hsing township as this village Han Hsi village, and in the Dong Shan country, Guang Hsing village links up with Taiwan seven C provincial road, separately toward Luo Tung and Shan Hsing area, entire journey 9.5 kilometers. Above four channels are the bidirectional traffic lane high-quality bituminous pavement, the state of roads are good.


      In the township the path counts two:

      I-lan 51line (township): For this village Le Shuits'un the only difference path, leads to the Fu Hsing village Niu Tou lane, links up Taiwan seven third toward South Shan hsing, Luo Tung, west separately transfers toward the Niu Tou bridge toward the Lishan or the Yilan area. In order to improve the transportation difficult position of Le Shui village, the I-lan 51 line paths extend from the Chih Nou lane construct link up the Ta Ping Peak forest amusement way to the Ta Ping village Tu Chang lane, Niu Tou to the Tu Chang has 21 kilometers entire long-range plan: The sector Niu Tou has supposed the tar surface to the Le Shui road section, and to 2,001 attains the Yilan Country government to subsidize the funds general passenger transportation vehicles, greatly improves Le Shui village outside the association the transportation.


       The Ta Ping Peak forest amusement area path: is situated the Ta Ping village Tai-seven first line Chiah Yuan bridge skip road toward the Ta Ping Peak forest amusement area, the span 24 kilometers, above six meters, the entire line has supposed the tar surface, the path condition multi- curves, the slope is high, at present still limited the long 0.5 meter above passenger train travel. Meets the green jade peak lake path from Ta Ping Peak, the span 16 kilometers, at present only can go the passenger vehicle, and must apply to enter the mountain registration only then pass through.


      Our village for the promotion convenient association outside the path, has been through repeatedly more than ten year striving for, finally attains constructs the Tai Ya bridge, (the Datong gas station) flies across the Lan Yang brook by our village Lung Pi village Lin Chiah lane, goes nonstop to this country Shan Hsing township Tien Song Pi, begins from 1,994 in May, and finishes in 1,997 in March is open to traffic, completing of the this bridge, not only has the convenient effect, also has landscape of bridge the Tai Ya race characteristic, regarding develops the place amusement and rest resources to have direct being of help.


      Society population condition:

       Our village lives together the original resident to be the Tai Ya race mountain butcher, resides in the blue positive brook both banks hillside or a place and the flat land. North shore has the Lung Pi, Song Luo, the Ying Shih and so on, southwest has Le Shui, Ta Ping, Mao An, Szu Chi, Nan Shan village and so on. Luo Tung brook another river system namely Wonsan downriver, has the Han Hsi village both two rivage plats, separately has Huahsing of lane this village (north shore), the Szu Fang Lin forest, Han Hsi, the Shin Kuang (above is located south rivage).


      Ta Ping and Fu Hsing village major part belongs to the flat land inhabitant, other eight villages occupy the majority by the original resident, until 2003 at the end of April entire township total population number is 5779 people, the household number is 1667 households. The date of Taiwan was ruled Japan to the time and the Taiwan early days of the restoration to the Republic of China 50's initial period between, the entire township total population number is about 9873 people, the household number is about 2499 households, compares with it population and the household number, the population number reduced 4094 people, approximately above 41%, the household number also reduces 8,329 households, approximately about 33%, investigated its reason is the Ta Ping village, the Tu Chang village (already abandons village merge to Ta Ping village), the logging and the reclamation forest most abundant time moved into the staff to be in the majority, The immediate caused Forestry Bureau orchid Lan Yang forest region administrative office (already changed name for Luo Tung forest region administrative office) receives and obeys the central committee the new forestry policy, the afforestation again under the felling decision-making, the felling operation removed in 1977 in July, the original staff migrated other forest region work in abundance, formed this village population suddenly to reduce, should be reason of the social reduction to occupy in a big way. At present this village population total only is only 68 people of twenty five households, compares for three, 40 years ago when the nearly 7,000 people has the huge difference. As for the mountain butcher population, 1960 initial period has about 3300 people, to 1991 increase is about 4000 person, the growth has 17.5%, but the recent years reason employment, went to school the reason, the population outflow sentiment situation is unavoidable.


      Economical development survey:

      Establishes the original resident to retain the evolution summary:


      The early original resident had cultivates ploughs the behavior, the plant potatoes, the millets, the paddy rice and so on is the staple food, and is in vogue the hunting, because the agriculture ploughs the technology backward, produces the agricultural product only to be able to be self-sufficient, but this cultivation method to destruction soil enormous, moreover transportation inconvenient, foreign long-term isolation, causes the economic activity to be at the closing condition, sends is really shallow to the goods shortcoming transaction understanding, with the outside contact, deceives the exploitation in the transaction activity easily, even the land also cannot protect oneself. Government in view of aboriginal such flaw; First serves with the effective protection to scheme idea of again the development, the synthesis grinds subscribes the development mountain butcher economy related coordination measure, retains management use the place take the mountain butcher as the work center, and on the agricultural development, the transportation construction, the water conservation irrigation, the products of mountain transaction and so on various aspects, takes the counselling measure, to the time achieves the development mountain butcher economy the goal.


       Before Taiwan recovers time the provincial government had not been established, the mountain butcher retains the original name is "must save sets at the forest to be wild, after recovers the provincial government to be established this name abolishes, again chooses a name this land is "the mountainous region retention place", feeds specially the mountain butcher livelihood and carries out using of the mountainous region administration, formulation mountainous region retains the policing method in 1948, for need of in accordance to the mountain butcher development in 1950, 1966 once two revisions mountainous regions retained the policing method, this revision because the actual need delimited besides few areas with other land exchanges arranges the adjustment, on roughly still maintained Japan to delimit the region according to the time, Completes the complete cadastration and the land investigation and the plan from1958 to 1966 is correct patterns , thinks the management basis. Until 1980 on September 1 the Taiwan Province government retains the synthesis development in view of the mountainous region to need and the maintenance mountain butcher right, the third revision mountainous region retains the policing method, and changes the name is "the mountain butcher retains the place", turns round is "the original resident retains the development means" to again revision in 1993.


      The original resident retains the management condition:

       This village original resident retains the natural resources to be deficient, except uses in beside the reclamation, still did not have other unprecedented use, like went sightseeing the resources development, the minerals development and so on, because might go sightseeing using the development with and the minerals development evenly uses to be located position of the state-owned forest ground. Therefore native village industry activity take farming and forestry management as main source of income, although has the little cultivation industry, but is the flat land people (flat land of people non- ancestral home native village) to throw down the huge fund development management. The animal husbandry although has the natural promoted environment, because on the original resident congenital fund, technical and the recycling time long factor, sends the trend lacks, depends on formulates the good method promotion.


      In the agriculture management condition on, because of various local topography, the climate, the soil texture difference relations, each place has the different development characteristic, in four seasons,Nan Shan area mountain high cold, moist, sands-soil more fertile, is suitable to planting high and cole vegetables under, in recent years vigorously counselled in the agricultural politics unit, has formed the vegetables production specialized area, the pear, the peach contour economical fruit early time once plants, but because the rainy season was long, the fruit was becoming creates the dehiscent fruit and the prematurely dropped fruit for a long time, therefore and so on did not accept for the local farmer, now production of the highly and coldly vegetables already became this area main source of income. The Lung Pi , Song Lo, Fu Hsing the local temperature slightly high, the soil for the yellow nature clay, ability of maintain water is low, is suitable planter shallow-rottedness, the drought resistance plant of, like tea tree, vegetables aspect like ginger and so on. For many years the hillside (Lung Pi area) broadly is planted the areca, because the childbirth time does not flush the time with the south central area, has the control action in the market supply and demand, mays be called this local farmer in addition economical industry, only surpasses limits the use and the conservation of water and soil question should depend on the stipulation counselling improvement. From above two areas agriculture management condition view it, just like becomes of a big characteristic this village agricultural developments, if can strengthen the counselling management management, establishes the production and marketing system, develops and mediates the market supply and demand to economy of the native village original resident, inevitably acts the strong character.


      The Han Hsi, the Fu Hsing, the Ying Shih, the Le Shui area, for our village important fruit raising area, the main tree seed for the sweet orange class, plum and so on, the Fu Hsing, the Le Shui two villages for the only paddy rice cultivation area. Future will manage the direction separately to say it, the Han Hsi village center will be broad, favor the plan, suitably will coordinate the region comprehensive development plan to handle. In Le Shui, the Ying Shih, the Fu Hsing area still to have the broad agriculture to treat the development, only because the agricultural road (industrial path) and each development needed the public facility not yet to popularize, sends the land development use to have the slow potential, caused one of population outflow reasons.


        The forestry promotion and the original resident retain maintenance the place: Forestry aspect: This village forest land area the administrative office and the Executive Yuan forest development place has control over the land besides Forestry Bureau of Luo Tung, has 3040.6236 hectares retain for the original resident suitable for forestry, accounts for 9.7%th entire township total area, also occupies the entire township original resident to retain in 44%. The forest land position in the our village various rivers the downriver region, to the national territory security, governs the mountain flood prevention relations significantly, and directly affects of life and property security the original resident, the forest land was in recent years unceasing ultra limits the use and the forestry institution not yet can carry out, implements the new forestry policy, caused many to live the land along river seriously by the flood erosion, even buried the fertile farmland, had the serious threat regarding the original resident economic lifeline, from this view it, the forest land department duty strengthened the afforestation work in view of the land use discrimination, strictly prohibited the felling forest, banned illegal overflows to cultivate and the forest land ultra limits the use. The forestry institution should carry out handles the new forestry policy namely "the afforestation again to the felling" the principle, causes the national territory security work, reveals the achievements, then balance of the promotion natural ecology, the your favor original resident retains preserving of the place.


      Mining industry aspect:


       Of mineral resource this village development for Lung Pi village magnetism soil if in the sector the Lan Yang brook sand and crushed stone, the part of magnetism soil has been situated to the original resident retains state-owned forest ground with borders on, early designated date recovers according to the time until Taiwan is the water source protectorate, the forest and the earth stone prohibition cuts, in recent years the policy-making institution open the prohibition rule, became this land sector the economical forest region, according to approved the mining businessman to over-pick its in 1100 the forest and its the earth stone, caused the many kinds of harm regarding the place, and brought the catastrophe to the ecology; Only the inhabitant gradually already the aware environment and importance of the ecology security, unceasingly proposes the demand, hoped the land controlling organization agreed not again the mining businessman applies, in order to avoid harm expansion.


      Employment condition analysis:


        This village original resident source of income besides the agricultural income, about the slack farming season and the non- peasant household population, outside seeks the work primarily. Said by the slack farming season population that, The Szu Chi, Nan Shan plow in the spring by the highly and coldly vegetables in every year March after November fall harvest namely stops producing, the farmer changes hits the odd-job way (to be employed toward each big tree farm recovery tree seed to forestry institution), the wages date receives between 800 to1500 dollars, because the male and female worker and the date receives the quantity for.


       In Lung Pi, Song Luo, Han Hsi area peasant household, because the life circle extremely approaches the flat land township and city, many women primarily or to are close to the factory take a factory small components generation of labor to be sufficient as the temporary workers, this kind of generation of labor or near the labor by the electron, the revertex, the toy product is in the majority. The male worker is employed to male operates privately the agricultural unit, is engaged in the agriculture to chop the grass, to grow seedlings, work and so on planter, recovery, in an income aspect generation of labor or the factory operator by by the piece primarily, the date receives about 300 to 1000 dollars, as for the non- camp agricultural population, besides is engaged in to the armed force government employees and teachers, then is engaged in the company store to seek employment, our village for many years the employed population analysis, generally has been engaged in the physical strength work to be in the majority, because the government conducts the free big and small automobile driving class occupation training, after obtains drivers' licences to be engaged in the driving work primarily, next for builds the project worker and the factory operator is in the majority, The few parts also are engaged in far, the work of fishing near the sea. Besides held the post of the driving labor tool specialized skill with to build the worker to have the high dangerous and the physical strength work salary still can the monthly salary three │ five ten thousand Yuan, outside other sought the work the original resident monthly salary average in 12000 to 15000 Yuan about, not only was useless of economic life regarding the original resident, also therefore often created the housing flat land population another society problem, should seek the counselling measure.


       God's village is a typical agricultural village, have greatly ground and few people, the tribe separates remotely, because the entire township is in the majority by the Tai Ya clansman, therefore all unfolds the thick original rustic custom and the original resident in the culture and the life habit therefore some vigor and the enthusiasm; But facing environment vicissitude, and the time progress, the original township tribe inevitably faces outside each kind of impact, how therefore goes out old intellection, welcomes to the new course, is each countryman in our village should positively invest, diligently pondered topic.

      God's village agricultural production industry resources rich, sightseeing condition well, traditional culture multiplicity, ecological environment protection extremely complete, the truly deep development potential, friendly with each item of resources, unifies each manpower, again by the government integrated plan, one by one carries out, displays incisively the merit, changes accident having with the creativity condition, believed the big fellow villager's future development, in under the new person new deal new achievement tendency, the vigor, the innovation, the transformation will be must walk the road, the stability, is progressive, the prosperity is a goal which all countryman joint effort.